Our Team


Melody Haines

Hi and welcome to Renewable Energies and I am the chief editor. I have been working in this organization for nearly 9 years now, and I have seen this organization going through many hard times, and at those times the thing that has made all the difference is the unity and understanding present in the employees. We are all like a family coming from different places and uniting together. Let me take you to our happy place.

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Joseph Crosson

Joseph is our sub-editor and is a very hard working person. His dedication towards the organization and his work is unquestionable. He is very much responsible for his duties. Whenever I need any help regarding work, he is the first person o seek off. It has been approximately 7 years since he has been working beside me and it has been scarce that I have seen him taking a break.

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Phone: +1 775-213-5451


Ethel Grosz

Ethel is working as the lead of renewable energy column. She has got a whole lot of information about this field and has studied very deep inside the matter. Her articles are very much interesting to read and are full of facts. Her articles hardly need any more rechecking though she makes sure that her articles are checked timely. Her passion for work has been continuing since 5 years now. 

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Phone: +1 775-854-1240

Andrew Curtis

Andrew edits the articles that come under the electric vehicles column. He is one of the senior editors of the organization and knows his work very well.  He is a person who will focus only on work the full day and take minimal breaks to stretch, walk around a bit and come back to his cabin. Apart from being a very efficient editor, he is also a charming team leader.

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Phone: +1 775-102-2350

Ollie Mendez

Ollie is our senior designer and has been designing our websites since the initial time of the organization. Her designs are always very unique and different, and they portray the vital stats that our website signifies. She makes the pages look so lovely that it catches the reader attention very fast. It has been 8 years since she has been working in this organization. Her leisure times are very short, and in those times she can be seen in the cafeteria sipping a cup of espresso.

Email: ollie.m@renewableenergyzone.com
Phone: +1 775-754-8452

Greg Borders

Greg is working under Ollie as a junior designer. He is a very efficient young man doing his job quite well. He is one of the youngest employees and is a very joyful person. Everyone loves him around, and he can cheer up anyone one with his words. His proficiency in his work is beyond any doubt an excellent one. When he is not working, he is always scribbling something in his notepad and lost in his world. He has been working in our organization since the past 3 years.

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Phone: +1 775-904-7541