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Renewable Energy Sources- A Fight Against Climate Change

Renewable Energy Sources is the only solution to the persistent problems that we are facing nowadays. While the world is progressing towards innovations in leaps and bounds, some critical issues are also coming up. This has caused threats to humanity innumerable times. One of the significant risks is the changing climate. While we were busy using up our non-renewable energies, the earth was getting exhausted from the regular trauma, and that is when it all started- climate change.Renewable Energy Sources

But recently, if you go anywhere, you will see glass panels and massive turbines, these all are proving that we are trying to help the earth retain her energies by switching to renewable energies.

What Are Renewable Energy Sources?

Renewable energies are of the primary weapons to fight back climate changes. These energies are mainly gathered from natural sources like sun, wind, earth, and water.  By using renewable energies, we are extended the hand towards rebuilding the diversity.

Why Should We Use Renewable Energies?

When we use non-renewable sources of energy, we burn fossil fuels, which results in realize of the mass amount of carbon dioxide in the air. The CO2 layer gets so heavy that it starts blanketing the solar radiation to leave the earth. Hence, the environment heats up in increasing order; this phenomenon is called the greenhouse effect.

Renewable energies, on the other hand, use the supplies of nature to produce electricity and heat, which is practical as well as not biohazardous.

What Are the Different Sources of Renewable Energies?

The different types of renewable energies are-

  • Wind energy
  • Solar energy
  • Geothermal energy
  • Hydroelectric energy
  • Biomass

Among these wind, solar and hydroelectric sources are the most convenient and are widely used for more significant areas.

What Are the Climatic Benefits of Renewable Energy Sources?

With the outburst of the industrial revolution, the earth has heated up by approximately 0.9 degrees Celsius, which may look very minute but is a significant change and is enough to think about your upcoming doomsday. And this is the high time that we make a shift towards these alternative sources of energy. The ways through which these energies can save us from the future massacre are-

  • By using these energies in a vast amount, we can control greenhouse effect
  • Renewable energies are found in abundance, and there is a rare chance of them getting exploited.
  • Sustainable development in the future is directly linked to renewable energies.
  • These energy sources are a self-flowing energy system, and a one-time investment cost is worth the result.

Going through all these points, we see that we are left with quite an amount of time and capital in our hands to put our full thoughts is rectifying the mistakes that we have done.

Technologies Incorporating Renewable Energy Sources-

Nowadays, many firms are using these energy sources. In the production of their merchandises and some tech firms are also launching portable devices or daily use devices incorporated with renewable energy sources to sustain the function like-

  • Solar calculators
  • Solar toilets
  • Water-saving apps
  • E- vehicles and many more

These technologies can have a costly installation because of the use of renewable energies here, but every penny is worth it when it comes to the question of saving our planet.

What Are the Top Renewable Energy Projects?

Many countries have come together with their nation’s leaders and joined hands towards changing the way of using energy sources. To make these energies more effective and useful, many projects have been undertaken globally, and in the future, many more will be rising. The notable renewable energy projects are-Renewable Energy Zone

It Is the Thought That Counts-

Renewable Energy SourcesRenewable energies are, no doubt, the ultimate and only option we are left with to fight against the crime towards nature that we have done. While coming towards the conclusion of this article, one question that was always altered many minds are “how will the thought of one help in something so big?”. Well to answer that let me remind you the creation of earth’s oceans, the massive water bodies were not formed in a day small droplets at a time has resulted in puddling up to such big oceans.

One small, though from your side, will have a major repercussion. Because this can influence your future generations, your friend, your family, and others who are willing to think.

Yes, the truth of the moment is that the harm we have already done. It’s not easy to recover, but also not impossible. Investing more into these energy sources and using them as an alternative way is your participation in the betterment, cause at the end of the no one wants to see their child walking with an oxygen cylinder attached to their back.


What are renewable energy sources?

Renewable energy sources are naturally provided energy that we can incorporate in our daily life. The main sources are solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal.

Are renewable energy sources sustainable?

Sustainable development and renewable energies go hand in hand. To build a better sustainable future, we must learn to efficiently use these energy sources. They can be major replacement of non-renewable energies.

Why should we use renewable energy sources?

We should use renewable energy sources to save the earth from getting combusted totally. Starting a new era of sustainability, biodiversity, and variability. Using renewable energy sources is the only to fight against climate change.

Are renewable energy sources costly?

Renewable energy sources can be quite costly sometimes. The amount of money we use for non-renewable energies is just going in waste, these are more cost-efficient and profitable.

Are firms incorporating renewable energy sources?

Tech firms, big business houses are investing in development. Technological advancement in this sector is booming in a rising curve.

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